About Killer Buds

Killer buds has the best possible grown cannabis in British Columbia. We pride ourselves in our experience and premium service. Check out our facts below to learn more about us and find out about our discount programs.

We have many benefits to help you save while receiving the best buds

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Why Choose Killer Buds

Quality Over Quantity

We have quality over quantity buds for people that prefer more bang for your buck.

Positive Reviews

After many years of operation, we have gotten many positive reviews that reflect our customers experience.

Quick Delivery

We ship your order out on the same day if order placed by 11am PDT.

Quantity Over Quality

Quantity over quality for the people that prefer the best buds around we have to offer.

Educated & Experienced Team

Our team is highly educated on cannabis. From the beginning, we have worked only with the best in the industry.

High Quality Standards

We only shop for fresh quality products, making sure we do not damage or dry the bud.

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