Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a bill that allows the cultivation of industrial hemp in Ohio and legalizes the manufacturing and sale of CBD products.

DeWine says it is now up to farmers to do their part and enter the new industry.

“This is a decision that farmers have to make based on what their particular needs are and what’s in their best interest, so this crop is just an additional crop that they can now legally grow. They’re gonna have to see if there’s a market for that.

Under Ohio’s medical marijuana law, which went into effect in the fall, hemp and CBD were considered the same as marijuana and therefore banned from sale outside of state-approved dispensaries. However, legislators quickly moved to approve the products after the federal government legalized hemp cultivation last year.

Ohio farmers are praising the decision stating, “industrial hemp will give farmers another crop option and potential revenue stream that could offset years of declining commodity prices.” Many agree that farmers are going to benefit greatly from the decision.

The state hopes farmers can be licensed and growing the crop by next spring.

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